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Rehabilitation Services are tailored to your facility's specific needs.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive Audits (clinical, operational, financial)
  • Assistance with RAC/MAC/ZPic audits; construction of appeals letters
  • CARF preparation from an experienced active CARF surveyor
  • Onsite assistance with staff and leadership addressing clinical documentation issues and building structure to avoid denials and provide solid clinical information for addressing potential denials
  • Onsite Rehabilitation Nursing Education from Basic or Advanced CRRN Review Courses that prepare rehabilitation RNs for the CRRN Credentialing Exam
  • Policy and procedure development for inpatient rehab, outpatient faclities, day rehab programs conforming to accreditation and state regulatory standards
  • Billing and reimbursement checks
  • Accessibility Planning
  • Efficiency evaluations (clinical team performance)
  • Performance strategies and public reporting of outcomes
  • Management or leadership guidance
  • Strategic referral development assistance with creative and innovative ideas of how to "grow" your business
  • Productivity measures
  • Documentation forms review to ensure compliance, completion, accreditation, and conversions from paper to electronic
  • Active creative problem solving for common rehabilitation management issues
  • Accreditation preparation for complex surveys including CARF International, Joint Commission, or State PPS Surveys covering such programs as Comprehensive Integrated Rehab , Stroke Specialty, Brain Injury, Spinal Cord System of Care, and Outpatient 

Simple agreements outlining services requested are constructed and provided instead of complex multi-year full management contracts. Pricing is all inclusive and based on your facility's specific needs and requests.

Integrated Rehab Solutions, LLC can perform comprehensive clinical audits that serve to educate and prepare the leadership team as well as the clinicians who document daily in the medical record. These audits will help ensure that you team is documenting all the necessary ingredients to prevent denials as a result of RAC (Recovery Audit Contractor) or MAC (Medicare Auditor Contractor). They can also identify potential areas of concern that could possibly trigger an audit. We support a "proactive" approach to ensuring your team is providing quality services and documenting services correctly, efficiently and effectively.

Comprehensive review courses are available and can be tailored for rehabilitation nurses at the "basic or advanced" level. Advanced CRRN Review Courses prepare rehab RNs for taking the credentialing exam offered by ARN (Association of Rehab Nurses). These services are available onsite in your facility maximizing staff productivity and reducing costly travel expenses for multiple nurses.

We can assist your facility to prepare for complex accreditation (initial or re-accreditation) surveys as well as remain compliant to industy standards throughout your accreditation time frame.

Efficiency and performance are critical and essential for rehabilitation facilities to survive in a highly competitive market. To assist your facility with these challenging situations, we offer efficiency evaluations, clinical performance tracking, policy and procedure development, strategic planning, onsite integrative comprehensive staff education for therapy staff and nursing, active creative problem solving for facility management issues ALL based on solid operations and clinical knowledge gathered over 21 years of rehabilitation experience, with more than 50 free standing/hospital based organizations, covering an expansive service area nationwide.

We can also provide ongoing quality operations and clinical audits on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis based on YOUR needs as a rehabilitation provider.

References available.

Contact us today to start your facility's individualized consultation!